History of the Lind Lions Club

What is it that makes the Lind Lions Club and the Lind Community so appealing to others? Well, easy answer: The club works hand in hand to accomplish the same goal: to preserve the community that they all love. Fortunately for the community, the Lind Lions work for them. This group of men have strong backs and sharp minds and have all worked for decades to support their community. Not only are they visible in the community, they also take pride in quietly helping the many individuals and groups who are in need in the community. So....how did they begin? Not sure when the Active Club originally organized but we do know that they were 55 members strong when they decided to reorganize. The Active Club by-laws emphasized that their members could be no older than 35 years. There were but a few under that age when they decided that they should reorganize and become a Lions organization.Their premise was much the same, and that was to be a service organization with the community as the main emphasis of their goals. They continued to work to provide and support all that makes a community a solid group, particularly emphasizing kids in their endeavors.
In 1968, the Active Club reorganized becoming the Lind Lions Club, under the leadership and direction of the Ritzville Lions Club. The new officers for this year were: President, Kent Bucher, Vice President, Ruben Fode, Secretary, Dick Nagamitsu, and Treasurer, Cliff Hays. Harold Simonson became the Lions Tamer, and Merlin Wallace, the Tail Twister. Just a few of the original charter members continue to be active members of the Lind Lions Club since it's inception in 1968. They are: Jerry Branson, Joe Holland, Dick Nagamitsu, LeRoy Watson, Jr. Bill Wills
and Merlin Wallace

Back Row: Ken Plager, Walt Nelson, Wendell Longmeier, Bus Swarts, Richard Wahl, Tenny Tenneson, Al Fode, Bob Wright, Bill Loomis, Gale Gfeller, Ray Kincaid, Steve Hays, Wallace Lindsay
Row 2: Alvin Heider, Boyd Phillips, Doug Urquhart, Jack Scheeler, Don Miller, Harold Huse, Ed Wahl  Kendall Teague, Ray Gama, Michael Lindstrom, LeRoy Watson, Chet Phillips, Bill Will
Row 3: Jo Holland, Dave Davis, Ruben Fode, Everett Conner, Vic Borth, Dick Nagamitsu, Merlin Wallace, Al Smart, Harold Simonsen, President, Kent Bucher, Cliff Hays,
Row 4: Gary Lobe, Bob Warwick, Donald Bauman, Lenard Wahl, Ed Kulm, Howard Fode, Percy Schrag and Jim Stevenson.

1995 Current Lions Club Members:

Back: Ray Stelzer*, Jack Shimek*, Walt Heider*, Bob Phillips*, Alvin Heider*, Clarence Strohmaier, Merlin Wallace, Joe Holland, LeRoy Watson, Gale Gfeller*, Kent Bucher
Front: Bill Wills, Lenard Wahl*, Ruben Fode*, Cliff Hays, Kendall Teague*, Bill Loomis*, Vic Borth*, Jerry Branson, Bob Wright*, and Dick Nagamitsu.

Back: Cliff Hays, Bill Loomis*, Ray Stelzer*, Lenard Wahl*, Ken Rasmussen*, Tim Fritchle, Mike Doyle, Jimmy Laird, Dale Stephenson, Merlin Wallace, Curtis Kulm*, LeRoy Watson, Joe Holland, B-Jay Heider
Front: Alvin Heider*, Mike Stelzer, Ruben Fode*, Larry Koch, Bill Wills, Dick Nagamitsu, Jim Kelly, Bill Foulkes, Dave Panter, Jerry Branson
Kneeling: Butch Morgan

1995 Members who were original Charter Members
Going "downhill" on the bleachers in the front row: Matt Miller, Josh Knodel, Tim Fritchle, Cliff Hays, (behind Tim), Larry Koch, Bill Wills, Clarence Strohmaier and Alan Schlimmer (standing behind Bill): (second row), Tyran Doyle, Al Hernandez, Steve Wahl, Joe Holland, LeRoy Watson & Jerry Branson: (third row), Dick Nagamitsu, Dale Stevenson, Mike Stelzer, Jim Kelly, Eric Lund (behind Jim): Bruce Sauer and Curt Gering: (fourth row), Josamy Blake, Kyle Young, Chris Madison: (back row), Casey Michaels, Mike Gering and Mike Doyle.
On a Wednesday night, prior to the 25th Derby, we gathered what Lions Club Members  available for the photo. Of course, there were a few who couldn't be there but this is a good example of the numbers it takes to have so many successful Derby weekends. Hats off to these guys who put in their time to make the every Lions event successful. They are always paving the way for those who follow to keep up the wonderful tradition. The entire town benefits from the successful endeavors of these community minded Lions Club members. And don't forget: Behind most of these outstanding members stands a competent, talented, brilliant, patient, and wonderful wife. These guys benefit greatly from each one....and we are very thankful they, too, are such an integral part of the club!

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