The Lind Lions Club is no stranger to hard work or to commitment. They have yearly events that require organization and participation, plus their springs are usually spent at the Arena getting everything ready for the Demolition Derby. Join them if you need or want something to do and want to help out with their many goals. The group is friendly, dedicated, serious, and proud of their accomplishments.
This picture is a blast from the past: Cutting, stacking, piling, delivering wood was a very successful project for the Lions.
Back row: Steve Wahl, Everett Conner, Dick Nagamitsu, Curtis Kulm, Tim Fritchle,
Middle Row: Dale Stephenson, LeRoy Watson, Alvin Heider, Leon Barus, Jim Kelly,
Rudy Fichtenberg
Front Row: Merlin Wallace, Dennis Maier

The Lions Club installed a basketball court, complete with basket and ball, adding to the Lind Swimming Pool. There is rarely a summer night when the court isn't being used by Lind future "NBA stars".
Welding new bleacher seats
It was a very tough decision for the Lind Lions to give up their historical rodeo. Although it had been a vital part of their membership, it became a financial hardship and it was time to pursue other avenues. At the time, the demolition derby was becoming highly successful and the Lions immersed themselves into the event adding a new and efficient arena. Bleachers were purchased, hauled, re-made, and permanently placed in the new arena. A new more accommodating cook shack was built, and the arena grounds were manicured and made to hold a new and huge audience. A camp site was manicured, rules were made, and a goal was set. After 31 years, the event is still going strong and continues to be one of the Lions' most successful events. Currently, you will see the members dedicating their Wednesday nights to the derby and the arena. They will complete projects, manicure the arena and the area, and make sure the cook shack is stocked and ready to go. It's a lot of work, but seems to always pay off
when the derby is over.
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Every year signatures to the huge board, decorated to resemble an outsized Christmas greeting card, is displayed usually on the front lawn of the Fire Station. The board is available to the community who wish their family or firm's name can be added, extending a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". The project was instituted in 1969 as a Lions Community project. It's a very colorful card usually adorned with a Santa and Christmas tree at the base.
The Lions have sponsored Santa Claus every December, arriving at the Lind elementary school before the holiday break. Santa not only listens to the Christmas wishes from each child, he also leaves each child with a bag full of fruit and candy. In current years, the club was fortunate enough to have Lion's member, Bill Loomis, who escorted Santa to the grade school in his horse driven buggy. On this particular day, Bill wasn't available but Margie was and was happy to drive Bill's buggy with Bill's loyal horse. (And on the way back to the pasture, many gracious community member were treated to a buggy ride.) Without Bill, the club has had to deliver Santa by car except for  the one time when Bill flew him to the elementary school by Helicopter. So....where are Santa's reindeer? Who cares for them? Where are they pastured? Again, one of the magical secrets of Christmas!

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Jarrod Biermann with Santa
(AKA Steve Paslay)
The Lions always sponsored Santa for the Christmas Parade until the Chamber decided to take over the Santa Chairman. The man in red can be seen during the Christmas Parade in down town Lind.
Santa usually arrived by buggy (compliments of Bill Loomis) or by helicopter, also compliments of Bill Loomis. When Bill was busy, he had the good help of Margie Shafer to fill in for him. Regardless, Santa never did disappoint all the kids in Lind. (For many years, the Lions club had the privilege of a very classy and dependable Santa. Thank you to Steve Paslay!)