The Lions have consistently sponsored an annual Easter Egg Hunt and a Kite Flying Contest. Unfortunately, and as a sign of the times, (health laws) the eggs that the bunny hides in the city park are now plastic eggs. However, many have prizes hiding inside, and the kids don't seem to mind. Many of them say that they don't like hard boiled eggs anyway!
Charity Parkins, Gold Egg (1st and 2nd graders)
Jeff Holland, Silver Egg (4th, 5th, 6th graders)
Ronnie Kinsey, Gold Egg (4th, 5th, 6th graders
not pictured: Steven Schorzman, Silver Egg (1st, 2nd, 3rd graders)
Kite Flying! L-R
Christopher Olson, Steven Schorzman, Daniel Moder, Julie Holland, Melanie Hill, Michael Maier, Michelle Watson, Michael Watson, Courtney Kulm, Jennifer Marion, Andy Wahl, Troy Panter
Today, many of these kite flying experts are parents, one being the mom of triplets!

Christmas Lanterns
As one of their projects, the Active Club purchased eight old English-type lanterns for Christmas display in downtown Lind. Contributions to the project and fund came in from Active Club projects in 1966. The Lions Club donated as did many other businesses and individuals in the town. When the Lind Lions Club chartered in 1968, the lanterns became a project for them. After they were purchased and paid for, the club drilled holes at intervals in downtown sidewalks over a weekend to place a square pipe on which the lanterns were attached.  They were a beautiful addition to downtown during the holiday season. In the early 70's, the Tredecim Club added to the lanterns as a service project.The lighted lanterns were absolutely beautiful and were admired from the community as well as visitors.  As a project, the Lions Club began repairing and rebuilding the lanterns, and constructing more with left over parts. Under the direction of Lion, Ruben Fode, the club eventually displayed 36 lanterns during the holiday season. Although the project took two years to complete, the lanterns were once again hung along the streets of down town Lind.  With new sidewalks in downtown Lind and the absence of the old Washington Water Power poles, the lanterns required a new and specialized post for the lanterns. Lions members gathered many weekend in order the complete the project before Christmas. To help defray costs of the new poles and lanterns, names were added to the bases of each lantern for a minimal cost contingent on the number of people in the family. It was a great project and a positive reflection on the Lind Lions Club. Currently, the Town of Lind is responsible for their upkeep.

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The Lions have sponsored Santa Claus every December, arriving at the Lind elementary school before the holiday break. Santa not only listens to the Christmas wishes from each child, he also leaves each child with a bag full of fruit and candy. In current years, the club was fortunate enough to have Lion's member, Bill Loomis, who escorted Santa to the grade school in his horse driven buggy. On some days, Bill wasn't available but Margie Shafer was and would happily to drive Bill's buggy with Bill's loyal horse. (And on the way back to the pasture, many gracious community member were treated to a buggy ride.) Without Bill, the club has had to deliver Santa by car except for  the one time when Bill flew him to the elementary school in his Helicopter. So....where are Santa's reindeer? Who cares for them? Where are they pastured? Again, one of the magical secrets of Christmas!

Jarrod Biermann with Santa
(AKA Steve Paslay)
The Lions always sponsored Santa for the Christmas Parade until the Chamber decided to take over the Santa Chairman. The man in red can be seen during the Christmas Parade in down town Lind.
Santa usually arrived by buggy (compliments of Bill Loomis) or by helicopter, also compliments of Bill Loomis. When Bill was busy, he had the good help of Margie Shafer to fill in for him. Regardless, Santa never did disappoint the kids in Lind. For many years, the Lions club had the privilege of very classy and dependable Santa Claus'. The community thanks Steve Paslay, Curt Franz, Curtis Kulm, Jim Laird, Tim Smith, and others. (need names).
In 1969, Karl Kron and Alfred Smart attached names to the Christmas Card Board.  Currently, and during the holiday season,the giant board is displayed in front of the Lind Fire Station and City Hall.
Every year signatures to the huge board, decorated to resemble an outsized Christmas greeting card, is displayed usually on the front lawn of the Fire Station. The board is available to the community who wish their family or firm's name can be added, extending a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". The project was instituted in 1969 as a Lions Community project. It's a very colorful card usually adorned with a Santa and Christmas tree at the base.
Lions help Santa and package Santa treats for the kids at the grade school. Santa will visit with each child, and will give each a bag full of candy, fruits, and other treats. In the meantime, Santa will listen carefully as many whisper their wishes and wants for the holiday season.
Where did the time go? This Easter Egg Hunt was not that long ago...At least by my calculations! Things have changed for these little Easter egg hunters. One (or more) is now a Grandma, a few are married, and one is embarking on a new career as a doctor. Things change...and fast!

Mike Doyle, Joe Holland, Bruce Sauer, Dick Nagamitsu
Pat and Ruben Fode
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By Carol Kelly
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