Out with the old, in with the new!

It was 1999 and the Lind Rodeo would be coming to an historical end and in five years. With rodeo costs becoming exorbitant, and the derby becoming a #1 successful money maker, the Lind Lions began their extended remodel of their beautiful arena. Eventually, chutes were torn down and sold to an active rodeo, and the arena was groomed for specifically for the Derby. It was time for the cook shack to be updated and so began some very extensive rebuilds and remodels.
The new cook shack was used immediately, and even before the walls were in....Lions wives provided hearty lunches during the extensive work days. It was a community event getting all the work done and in time for the next weekend.
Larry and Dwayne
Clancy Strohmaier demolishes the old cook shack and in record time. Alvin Heider looks on below
Mike Doyle & Mike Gering enjoy the BS in the new cookshack (and maybe with a beer or two!)

Mike Estes & Bill Loomis
Joe Holland

LeRoy Watson, Bill Wills, Leon Bafus
Jim Kelly & LeRoy Watson
cooked in the cook shack for many
many years, in fact until they both needed
knee replacement! Here they are getting some
Rocky Mountain Oysters ready for an hors d'oeuvre.
(Now that should draw a crowd??)
Thankfully, Alan Schlimmer, being younger,
could take over the exhausting  job. (He had good knees!)
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LeRoy Watson and other Lions members place flags at the Lind Cemetery every Memorial Day. We celebrate this day to  memorialize the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and the Lind Lions Club does their part to make the cemetery a reflection of those veterans.

By Carol Kelly
Loyd Atkerson, Ray Stelzer, Alvin Heider, Bill Loomis

Adding the new roof to the new cook shack

Rocky Mountain What???
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